America’s #1 New Band!

We’re playing at Justice Pub on Wednesday, August 7th. Hey, isn’t that Art Walk night in downtown Jacksonville? No, I don’t think so. Wait…yes it is. Okay then!

We’re currently in the process of recording our disaster of a debut album, tentatively titled “Nannygut.” It’s going to be a real shitbomb. If you’re interested in subjecting yourself to a preview of its cold and unforgiving indifference, stop by our “Music and Stuff” page for a listen to some clips from our 2019 Jacksonville World Tour.

Also we don’t have any merchandise just yet, but we do have some shit laying around to get rid of and hopefully make a little bit of scratch on the side. So don’t be surprised if one of you stool pigeons gets swindled into purchasing an old boot for 650 dollars. Ever hear tell of a boot? We also have a severed neck from a Squier Telecaster that we would love to break even on (we paid 1,800 quid).

See you at Justice!