America's #1 New Band!

Tendyr Brothyrs has turned back into Send Him Off! for the time being. We were able to locate Mitch and nurse him back to health, so a brief metamorphosis seemed like the proper move. Check out the Send Him Off! website for info on upcoming events, including ECLECTICA, which will take place on Friday, July 9th. It’s a veritable artists’ bonanza being held at the GLASS FACTORY, and tickets can be found HERE.


Formerly the hosts of America’s #1 Open Mic at Tabula Rasa Brewing, the Tendyr Brothyrs continue to service the ears and hearts of America’s Tendyrloin (the greater Jacksonville metropolitan area) and beyond with their unique brand of free-wheelin’ whirly-byrd byrd-doggin’ heartwaves.


Help the Tendyr Brothyrs write the next great American overture by submitting your song suggestion, and be sure to join the Send Him Off! Fax Club for pertinent insights into all thyngs Tendyronia & Sendyr-centric.